Etheric Modification is the energetic development of Soft Tissue work.  The same specialized nerve are used with Conceptual Concentration to realign the frequency of tissue in the cell membrane and the non visible field of vibration in/around the body.  The Tehmeur around the body acts as a field to chelate toxic substance out into the less dense energy field by speeding up frequency and matter.  The disharmony of a cell or organ structure may be harmonized with the many frequencies of Cosmic Energy.  These Energies can be projected like a laser beam.  Concept and project the beam to make atoms speed up or rebuild matter.  As all healing come from The Source and Maker, a MainFrame is operated to focus the power and project the energy beam. Healing with Energy is easy because the force field is not matter it is metaphysical.   As the whole of the Universe speeds up, etheric Modification technique is the way of the future as research takes us to new frontiers in Electromagnetic and Vibrational Healing through the power of the Mind and Spirit.  Seeing beyond the physical body to the origin of our cells in the Spiritual Body, we may heal the Universe.