Soft Tissue Orthopedics is a Chiropractic technique researched and developed by Dr. M. L. Rees.  The premise of Soft Tissue is based on the idea that motion is life.  Dr Rees served on the SORSI Board of Directors and researched the TS line for Dr. DeJarnette.  He found points along the TS line and related them to the spinal level through the nerve circuits that connect to organs and glands.  Dr George Goodheart also researched the TS line and correlated the TS points with major muscle groups.  The Temporal Sphenoidal line on the cranium gives a fast way to find what part of the vital organ needs balancing. 

STO utilizes the body’s own feedback system to fine areas of stress, restore function, and detoxify the bodies’ matrix.  Dr. Rees found that the receptor system in the body reports information to the brain about body parts and after removing the subluxation STO restores the information to the brain.  STO is a safe, natural hands-on method of aligning, and restoring proper energy glow to specific tissue and vital organs.

About STO

Module I

Protocol to remove Stress  ~ Balance Electromagnetic Field  ~  Hand Energies ~ Temporal-Sphenoidal Scan ~ Soft Tissue Correction ~ Dural Port & Rib-head Subluxation ~  Spinal Level Orthopedic Text ~ Spinal Level Extremity ~ Anterior/Posterior Meridian Correction ~ Sub-occipital Compression

Module II

Anterior/Posterior Reflexes ~ Portal system of Veins ~ TMJ Lumbar Indicators ~ Cell Salt Line ~ Nutrition Line ~ Sternocleidomastoid Line ~ Meningeal Strut Fiber Indicators ~  Sterno-chondral Junction Subluxation ~ Costo-chondral Junction Subluxation ~ Lumbar Lamina Proprioceptors ~ Anterior Iliac Wing Proprioceptors ~ Sacral Proprioceptors ~ Coccyx Proprioceptors

Module III

Coronal Neuronal Pools ~ Sagittal Proprioceptors ~ Malar Pain Line ~ Joints of Luschka ~ Forearm Emotional Reflexes ~ Chakras ~ Charger Plates ~ Psychic Reflexes ~ Color, Scent and Toning Therapy ~ Triune of Well Being

Winter STO




Advanced Etheric Modification

June 19-22, 2014


579 Cabot, St

Beverly, MA.01915

Oak Island, NC
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